Sean Ranieri unearthed his natural ability to compose a photo buried under years as a real estate agent
in Hoboken, NJ. He pioneered the industry in the area and became the most widely used real estate photographer in the region.
Now based in Hartford, CT, Sean photographs throughout the Northeast United States.

With a keen eye, Sean focuses on architectural, fashion, editorial, portrait, and product photography; his
leisure follows landscapes and photo-storytelling. Sean's eclectic life has presented him with opportunities
to photograph intriguing characters and formidable cultures globally. Precision and attention to detail are
hallmarks of his work.

Sean is fluent in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and in implementing these applications in photo restoration, color-
correction, photomanipulation, and design. He is proficient in HDR (high dynamic range) imaging and
tone mapping.

phone: 201.240.0470

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